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Santos Vive Trailer

"Santos Vive"

The Santos Vive Project is an effort to right the worngs that have been done and create a since of justice for a life lost too soon.

Director & Producer: Byron C. Hunter

Assistant Producer & Assistant Editor: Dani Brown

Santos Vive Trailer

Santos Rodriguez was a 12 yr old Mexican American boy who was murdered on July 24, 1973 in the front seat of a Dallas Police car with his 13-year old brother seated next to him. News of Santos’ death was broadcast nationwide, and sparked riots and demonstrations in Dallas in 1973.

Santos’ death shook the city of Dallas, and the nation as a whole.

HUMAN RIGHTS DALLAS and NORTH TEXAS DREAM TEAM have created the “SANTOS VIVE PROJECT” with the goal of honoring Santos Rodriguez in multiple ways. One of the main endeavors was to produce a documentary about the Santos Rodriguez story to air on television and in select Dallas theaters in 2018.

This part of the mission has been accomplished but the still have much to do as they work to create a lasting memory for Santos.

Please visit; www.santosvive.com to find out how you can help!